Why the Paper is Just a Palimpsest? An appeal for reproducible sociological research

Why the Paper is Just a Palimpsest? An appeal for reproducible sociological research
Speaker: Vernon Gayle # University of Edinburgh
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1st Dec 2016 13:00 - 1st Dec 2016 14:15
6th floor staff room, Chrystal Mamillan Building

Join us for the latest in our Q-Step Research Seminar Series as Professor Vernon Gayle pleads for reproducable sociological research.

While there is now an unprecedented amount of large-scale social science data suitable for sociological research, in reality it is impossible to ‘reproduce’ the results of most of the analyses that are published because information on how the work is undertaken in seldom made available. The statistical analysis of large-scale social science data in stratification research (and other areas of sociology) is far from transparent and a culture of 'trust me’ rather than a culture of 'show me’ currently exists. In this seminar Vernon will make an appeal to routinely provide enough information so that others can check that results are accurate, and that correct inferences and conclusions are reported in published work. Drawing on a genuine example of an attempt to reproduce the analyses in a published research paper and insights from computer science and other disciplines that have been engaged in e-Research, he will highlight the obstacles that are commonly encountered and provide some practicable steps for rendering stratification research ‘reproducible’. 

This event will take place on Thursday December 1st from 1pm-2.15pm in the 6th floor staff room in the Chrystal Macmillan Building.

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